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Elite Watch Services

Elite Watch Services provides a personal and professional service for your cherished timepiece. We accept work from both jewellers and individual collectors. 


Official After sales service centre for Swiss brands Louis Erard and Clerc watches





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The Workshop

Our state of the art workshop has been systematically designed to give the best possible results in terms of the servicing of the movements and case aesthetics.

More About Us

Elite Watch Services was established at 20:45 GMT on the 13th June 2018 by Jack Dawson FBHI. He has been working in the watch industry uninterrupted for over 42 years since being apprenticed in 1976.


Over that time he has gradually acquired the skills and horological know-how to deliver the highest level of service for his clients.

His curriculum vitae includes running his own antique and vintage watch restoration company at the age of 21, before joining the prestigious watch brand  Longines, where he worked for ten years. In 2001 he took on the role of Senior watchmaker at Zenith (LVMH UK) a post he held for almost seventeen years.

Qualifications: FBHI and Zenith Accreditation in Haute Horlogerie.

Professional Services


At EWS we aim to offer a repair service of the highest possible quality to our clients. Typically a watch sent to us for servicing will firstly undergo estimation, from there the necessary work to be undertaken will be appropriately assessed.

Once the level of service has been agreed, the watch movement will be completely disassembled and the case sent to our polishing department for restoration (if requested). The movement will then be cleaned using either Ultrasonic or Vibrasonic technology. All parts are inspected for signs of damage or wear and where necessary will be  changed by hand.


Once the watch has been assembled all of our watches are timed in five positions and then tested  for power reserve on both the Cyclo testing machine and  the wrist. If the watch is a water resistant model, an air test will be carried out to assess  the water resistant properties  of the watch case. Once again we manually replace all the gaskets to ensure that the integrity of the case is not compromised. The watch will then be monitored for up to ten days to assess its overall performance.



Get in Touch

Todmorden UK {Full address on request)

0780 4807 218

Official After sales Service Centre to LOUIS ERARD and ANONIMO.

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